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Subject: Geeks Get Hot - 8-AnthonyDisclaimer:The following piece of fiction contains explicit descriptions of sexual
acts between consenting adult males aged over the age of 18. Please do not
read further if the subject matter might offend you. If you are aged under
18 (or 21 if that is the law in your state or country) please leave this
site without reading further.
Note from Author:This part of the story is told by Anthony. nude from cp At some point top cp porno in the future, I
plan to completely retell the story from Brad's point of view.
Geeks Get 14 yo cp
Hot (part 8) - AnthonyIt was the end of our first full week of lectures. We'd ordered a takeaway
pizza, set up Brad's games console, and spent the evening lying side by
side on Brad's bed incest foto cp sex playing computer games, drinking lager and talking. It
was very humid that evening, so in an attempt to keep as cool as possible,
we were wearing just our underwear, me tight grey boxerbriefs, and Brad
white briefs."So, this is kinda embarrassing," Brad said, "but do you kds cp
mind if I get
off?"Puzzled, my mind thought over what he said. Presumably he meant "get off to
sleep"."No problem," I said. "It is pretty late isn't it?""Oh dude, you don't know how relieved I am to hear you say that. It's
probably the heat and the drink and shit, but I really don't think I'll be
able to manage to wait until you fall asleep."Wait...what was he saying?Brad rolled himself over then knelt up and leaned over the back of me. One
of his hands rested on the back of my leg for balance, as he reached over
to pull open the drawer of his bedside table, then retrieve something cp pics love from
out of the drawer. He manoeuvred his weight back onto his knees and I felt
his hand leave the back of my leg, then suddenly fall down right in the
centre of my boxerbriefs-covered arse. His fingers were clutching my
arse-cheek tightly, his thumb wedged into the cleft between my two cheeks.
Fuck! That feels nice!"Whoops, sorry about that, lost my balance" he chuckled, pushing his hand
off me and then turning his body round until he was sitting back down,
inches from my face. My cock felt like an iron rod between my stomach and
the bed. I turned my head to look at Brad and found my eyes directly in
line with... Fuck!The tight white briefs jcp jeans that Brad was wearing were staring me illegal cp sex in the face,
stretched tighter than ever around a massive bulge. You could see the whole
outline of his cock through the white material, exactly where his balls
were, the exact angle his cock was sitting at, even where his shaft became
his rounded head, his briefs were that tight.Fuck! Brad was obviously as turned on and horny as I was.I forced myself to look up from his crotch and found him clutching a small
bottle of lube in his hand, obviously what he had leaned across me to get
out of his drawer.Fuck! Was he going to... My dazed mind finally remembered that "getting
off" was American slang for "cumming". Shit! Fuck! Whoa!"Um, I'm a bit in your way" I stammered, and flipped myself off my stomach
until I too was in a sitting position."No worries. Hey, it looks like you could do with getting yourself off
too".I followed his gaze to where my hardon tented my boxerbriefs, kids cp porn movies
a small wet
circle of dark grey breaking up the light grey material. I swallowed."Yes, I could definitely do with a good...what is it you say over here? A
good jacking-off?""Yeah. And I could do with a good...what 45 acp nickel brass is it you Brits call it again?
Wank?""Uh-huh""Mmm, yes, a good wank!"Hearing the familiar word being spoken in his American accent turned me on
big time, and before I knew what I was doing, I was tugging at my
boxerbriefs and sliding them down my legs to discard them on the floor
beside the bed. My cock sprang free and I placed my hand onto it. Next to
me, Brad was taking off his white briefs to finally reveal his rock-hard
pole in all its glory. It was large and curved, probably about 8 inches
long and circumcised, ending in a plump dark pink cockhead."Fuck mate, that's a fucking nice cock you've got there!" The words were
out of my mouth before I could stop them. "Whoever ends up being the first
to get that monster inside them is going to feel one lucky person!"Brad grinned at me as he squeezed some lube into his hand."Thanks. Hey do you want some lube for that?""Okay," I cp gay polish photo said. I don't usually need to bother with any lube, kids cp porn movies as once I'm
in the mood, my cock pours with precum like there's no tomorrow, but I
thought it would be rude not to accept his kind offer.I held my right hand out expecting him to pass the bottle to me, or squeeze
some out onto my palm, but he surprised me by reaching over and taking hold
of my rock hard rod with his own lubed-up hand, and running it up and down,
transferring the slippery solution onto my cock. Once he was satisfied I
had enough lube on me, he removed his hand, squeezed some more lube onto
it, then did the same to his own dick.I leaned back against the wall, and began to slowly wank myself. My left
hand crept to my balls and I stopped my right hand's movement up and down
my best free cp gallerie shaft as I clutched at my balls, rolling cp neked pics them around between my palm and
fingers. I sneaked a look to my right and saw Brad too was playing with his
balls, his fingers moving over them, pulling at the skin of his
scrotum. The cp kdz porn child palm of his hand was at the top of his shaft, and he was
pressing it against the underside of his cockhead, rubbing it backwards and
forwards, his eyes closed clearly enjoying the friction.I knew how good that felt, I love touching myself there too, and I moved my
index finger to the same place russian cp galleries on my own cock, rubbing it from side to side
over my banjo string, my cock leaking precum making the area even more
slippery. It felt so good. A faint moan of pure pleasure escaped cp illegal kds from my
lips. Next to me, Brad echoed my moan with one loltas cp of his own, which only made
me leak even more precum and moan again.I couldn't believe this was happening. This was the closest thing I'd ever
had to a sexual experience with another guy. I grasped my rock hard cock
tightly in my fist, and started wanking faster with long strokes right up
the full length of my cock, covering my head completely with my foreskin
each time, then retracting it to leave my head fully exposed before moving
my hand upwards to cover it again.I sensed Brad stop his own wanking, so slowed my own and turned my head to
look questioningly at him."What's it like to have a foreskin?" He asked suddenly.Again, his question stumped me a bit by its unexpectedness."Um, well I've never known any different, so it's just normal to me." I
said."You know, I've never seen a dick with a foreskin before. Everyone in porn
over here is circumcised, and so are all my family and everyone in my class
at high school were too." He stared transfixed at my cock as I pulled my
foreskin cp pics nude forwards over my oozing cockhead, then let it go, it rolling back
of its own accord to fully expose my head."Can I...Can I see what it feels like?" he asked hesitantly."Sure, that's what roommates are for!" I quipped.Eagerly, he reached out and took the top cp porn small pussy of my cock in his hand, which
still felt warm and slippery from his own lubed-up cock. He pulled my
foreskin out over my head as far as it would go, running it between his
thumb and index finger, then stuck his index finger inside, circling it
around the inside of my foreskin. The tip of his finger touched the tip of
my cock causing me to catch my breath."It's so soft," he said in amazement. He slowly started wanking me, moving
my foreskin forwards and backwards over my slippery precum-soaked
cockhead. I closed my eyes, enjoying the kds cp pic
sensation of having someone else
wank me for the first time, and moaned with pleasure as he stroked me.After a couple of minutes, I opened my eyes, and noticed Brad's own
impressive cock cp free clips bobbing up and down in front of me, neglected as its owner
busily serviced my own. I reached child cp portal out for it, taking his shaft in my fist
and began to stroke up and down him, then circled the rim of his cockhead
with my index finger, before rubbing backwards and forwards over his banjo
string, a place I'd already seen he liked to have touched.He let out a groan and tightened his cp pics nude grip on my own cp pron tgp cock."Fuck yes, that feels good" I murmured."Your foreskin is awesome!" Brad said. "I wish I had one. I'd love to know
how good it feels to have a foreskin sliding forwards and backwards over
your cockhead""It feels fucking amazing." I said."Man! I'm so jealous!"An idea formed in my mind. Oh yes, that would be hot. If he lets me... Only
one way to find out.I reluctantly prised his fingers off my cock, ignoring his protests, then
turned and knelt in front of him, cp sex pics holding his cock tightly in my left hand,
and my own in my right. I guided our cockheads towards each other until
they touched, piss-slit to piss-slit, both of us taking a sharp intake of
breath as they contacted.Slowly, deliberately, I started rolling my foreskin forwards over my own
oozing cockhead, covering it completely, then continued pulling it forwards
over his cockhead too, until it covered both of us."Fuck!" Brad breathed.I placed my fist on top of my foreskin, grasping both our heads as I did
so, and began wanking us both, covering and uncovering our slippery pulsing
cockheads with my foreskin. Brad was moaning and gasping at the new
sensation of having foreskin rubbing over his tender 3d cp incest cockhead. I was
pouring precum, coating both of us, enjoying the feel of having someone
else's head touching my own.I felt Brad's hand touching my own, and I let go, leaving him to take over,
have his turn at wanking us innocent cuties cp both using my foreskin. I closed my eyes and
let the sensation wash over me. My cockhead throbbed and I could feel my
balls starting to tighten. Brad's breathing was quickening and he moved his
hand over us faster, then suddenly he took his hand off, and pulled his
cock away from mine.I opened my eyes to look at him. A string of my precum stretched from his
tip to my own, like the beginnings of a spider's web."Why did you stop?" I asked him, erotic boys cp pics feeling my heart pounding in my chest
still. "Did it feel too weird us...""No, it wasn't that at all," Brad replied sheepishly. "I could feel I was
about to cum, and I didn't want this feeling to end so soon.""Mate, I was so close just then too. It's great you want to keep going, but
I tell you if I don't cum soon, my balls are cp pussie going to literally
explode...and not in a good way!""What? These balls?" He said, leaning forwards to cup them in his hand,
running his thumb tightly over the tops of them."Yes, those balls" I managed to gasp, enjoying his grip. I lay down on my
back on his bed as his hands stroked over my bulging, aching, heavy
testicles. He knelt over me, straddling me, one knee either side of my
hips, and dangled his own balls over my own, lowering them until our two
sets of balls were touching, his draped over my own. I felt cp porn ilegal
surprisingly heavy weight as they rested on me, and their warm sweatiness.He took his weight onto his hands, and leaned over the top of me, looking
me straight in the eye. I looked back at him, directly into the huge pools
of brown behind the lenses of his black-framed glasses. Further forwards he
leaned until I felt the underside of his pulsing cockhead touch my own. We
both cp kdz rompl moaned at the feel of our cockheads connecting, then moving his hips,
he rubbed his cockhead forwards and backwards over my own slippery head. I
felt our banjo strings sliding past and over each other, and precum leaking
from my piss-slit making us slip and slide all the more easily.My cockhead was getting so warm it felt like it was going to set on
fire. It was throbbing all over. The feel of his cockhead grinding into
mine felt so so good. Moans erupted from my lips and I threw my head back
against the pillow. Above me, Brad was gasping and groaning loudly."Fuck! Fuck! Oh yes! Oh fuck!""Faster Brad, faster!" I instructed, and he quickened his movements, his
cock slipping backwards and forwards over mine. I bucked my hips and
started moving them in time with his motions. Our cp pussy pics
balls knocked against
each other and his shaft kds cp pressed on mine, pinning mine down against my
stomach, but we were both only concerned with creating the friction between
our pulsating cockheads.My balls were beginning to tighten, and I could feel myself getting
close. I moaned loudly, a sound of pure animalistic instinct. The pressure
was beginning to build. I squeezed my muscles, trying to delay the
inevitable just a little bit longer. Despite what I had told Brad, I too
wanted this delicious experience to last as long as possible.He suddenly looked down at me, a look something akin to panic in his eyes."Anthony, I'm gonna cum," he half-whispered, half-gasped."Fuck Brad, me too, any second" I managed to get out."I'm gonna...""Fuck!""Oh yes! Oh yes! Oh yes! Oh fuck!""Fuck!""Oh Yes! OH YES! cp dark porn galleries
YES! YES!!!""MMMMMMMM"I honestly couldn't tell naturist boys cp you which of us began shooting first. All I knew
was my stomach was being covered by dollop after dollop of warm sticky cum,
both of us moaning loud enough to wake the dead as the shots flew out of
the ends of our cocks to coat me. My stomach was plastered. Cum oozed into
the dip of my belly button, slid down my sides to begin to soak into Brad's
bed cover, seeped down beneath my cock to matt my pubes together.Brad slowly lowered himself on top of me, breathing heavily but softly. His
body connected my own, his stomach entering onto the wetness that coated
me. I felt a sudden urge to kiss him, but didn't, unsure of how he would
react. Wanking together was all very well, but he probably wouldn't want
any level of post-orgasmic intimacy.I felt his warm breath against my ear. Then he whispered
"That. Was. Amazing!"I had to agree with him. Certainly, that had been the best and most
powerful orgasm of my entire life, and my first not caused entirely by my
own fair hand.Brad's breathing was rhythmic and soft now. I wriggled out from underneath
him, leaving him sprawled asleep on his bed, and made my way across the
room to my own bed. I used my black boxer shorts cumrag to wipe down my
stomach and got under my covers. I laid my head on my pillow and smiled to
myself. Okay, technically, I was still a virgin, but I Charlton cpl gang had taken a big step
along the path towards sexual manhood that evening.
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